Harry maguire is painfully slow


Watford v Leicester
I don’t particularly like Brendan Rodgers or Nigel Pearson so I don’t particularly want to see either team win this. For Man Utd it’s better for Watford to get something. Leicester are the better side though and will probably sneak it

Prediction: Watford 1-2 Leicester

Brighton v Arsenal
It’s a shame David Luiz is suspended for this game because, when you’re not an Arsenal fan, he is so much fun to watch. Arsenal are in a really, really strange place right now and might be playing with Mustafi and Sokratis at CB…but I think they’ll beat Brighton.

Prediction: Brighton 1-3 Arsenal

West Ham v Wolves
Another one where as a Man Utd fan you would hope that West Ham would be able to get something from this but then you remember that David Moyes is somehow still employed as a football manager by West Ham and therefore all hope is lost

Prediction: West Ham 0-1 Wolves

Bournemouth v Crystal Palace
I’ve had a fondness for Bournemouth since they got promoted a few years ago. They play good football, they seem to have a whole new set of tiny players every season and they’re not offensive to me so I would like them to stay up. I would like them to beat Palace tonight but I can’t see it.

Prediction: Bournemouth 1-1 Crystal Palace

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