Oh Arsenal…

An update for anyone who cares: One correct score from eight games and three correct outcomes from eight games. I’m providing proof of why I shouldn’t gamble full-time.


Newcastle v Sheffield United
I’m having a hard time deciding who’s going to win this. Newcastle are confusing to me because on paper they’re awful but they get results sometimes. Sheffield United were robbed against Aston Villa and going by league positions should easily beat Newcastle. But I’m sitting on the fence Clive?

Prediction: Newcastle 0-0 Sheffield United

Aston Villa v Chelsea
I don’t like Chelsea. I really don’t like Chelsea. I never want to predict a Chelsea win but I think it will be today. I’ll look forward to Big Calves Grealish and hope he can make something happen because as I may have mentioned before, I hate Chelsea.

Prediction: Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea

Everton v Liverpool
Speaking of hateful teams….The best chance Everton had of getting something from this game was with a full Goodison Park. With an empty Goodison and the playing field leveled I will officially give them no chance.

Prediction: Everton 0-3 Liverpool

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