Midweek madness

The football bonanza continues


Man Utd v Sheffield Utd
If Man Utd are serious about getting into the top four and qualifying for the Champions League next season they have got to win this match. Sheffield United are struggling, missing players and there for the taking. Can they do it?

Prediction: Man Utd 3-1 Sheffield Utd

Newcastle v Aston Villa
Newcastle are on the verge of being safe enough to enter beach mode and maybe the thought of that gives Villa a chance to knick something here. Villa are going to have to pick up points from somewhere but it’s just so hard to see them doing it.

Prediction: Newcastle 1-1 Aston Villa

Norwich v Everton
Norwich, just like Villa, have got to pick up points from somewhere. I think it’s too late and they’ll be relegated but until they’re mathematically goosed they’ll still try their best. But Everton are good enough to beat them.

Prediction: Norwich 0-2 Everton

Liverpool v Crystal Palace
Liverpool v Crystal Palace at the end of the season, as Liverpool are reaching for the title brings up a lot of funny memories. Palace could make it difficult for Liverpool but it won’t be enough to get anything from an empty Anfield

Prediction: Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace

Wolves v Bournemouth
Doesn’t this seem like the most obvious win of the night? Wolves will win this easily and Bournemouth will drift closer and closer to the drop

Prediction: Wolves 3-0 Bournemouth

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