the football just keeps coming

Who’s a bigger mess right now? Burnley or Arsenal? If Burnley win and Arsenal lose Burnley go ahead of Arsenal in the table..So I guess they’re both just a mess right?


Burnley v Watford
So Burnley are in a big of a mess. Players leaving, players injured, Chief Inspector Dyche could leave in the summer. This could be a great chance for Watford to put distance between them and the bottom 4.

Prediction: Burnley 0-1 Watford

Southampton v Arsenal
They were demolished by Man City and embarrassed by Brighton. Arsenal are getting to that point where you find it hard to see them winning against anyone and Southampton have it in them to get a win here.

Prediction: Southampton 2-1 Arsenal

Chelsea v Man City
Well I 100% want a Man City win here. It helps close the gap on Chelsea and puts Utd within striking distance of the top 4. I don’t mind that it will delay Liverpool lifting the trophy either. I also haven’t picked a fucking mad scoreline yet. So I’m going to do it here. Bring on the inevitable 0-0 draw!

Prediction: Chelsea 2-4 Man City

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