A Classic Weekend

It’s a classic weekend of football. I just mean in terms of the kick off times.


Norwich v Brighton
The clock is ticking. The relegation clock is ticking down on Norwich. If they have any hope, I mean any hope at all of somehow not getting relegated and losing all their best players for peanuts they have to win this, They won’t though.

Prediction: Norwich 0-1 Brighton

Leicester v Crystal Palace
Very few things would give me as much joy as seeing Brendan Rodgers lead his team from certain Champions League qualification to a 6th place finish. And to be fair it looks like it could happen! I’m going to pick them to win though just to keep the whole jinx thing running….

Prediction: Leicester 2-0 Crystal Palace

Man Utd v Bournemouth
Just think about this for a second. Bournemouth just lost 4-0 to Newcastle. That’s as impressive as it is depressing for Bournemouth. On paper there isn’t really an easier game than home to them so of course I’m going with another United win. Just please don’t start Lingard and Mata please

Prediction: Man Utd 3-0 Bournemouth

Chelsea v Watford
It’s too much to ask Chelsea to embarrass themselves against relegation threatened opponents from London two games in a row isn’t it? Also Watford are so confusing because they’re rubbish but they’re capable of winning against Liverpool!

Prediction: Chelsea 2-1 Watford

Wolves v Arsenal
I’ve laughed a lot at Arsenal in the past…well ten years or so but they’ve had a knack in the past few games of sneaking wins that they don’t necessarily deserve. I would stop laughing at them and AFTV if they were to somehow sneak one of those 1-0 wins against Wolves

Prediction: Wolves 0-1 Arsenal


Burnley v Sheffield United
Who knows? Burnley have been great since I thought they were going to fall apart when they found out Jeff Hendrick wasn’t staying. Sheffield United had their easiest win of the season against Jose so it’s hard to know if they’re back to their best.

Prediction: Burnley 1-1 Sheffield United

Newcastle v West Ham
Both these teams had hilariously and strange wins in midweek. I thought Newcastle would be on the beach at this stage but who knows? I think this is another win for West Ham

Prediction: Newcastle 0-2 West Ham

Liverpool v Aston Villa
Right so Liverpool got to run the alcohol out of their systems on Thursday against Man City so they should be good to go against Aston Villa. The only question is how many right?

Prediction: Liverpool 4-0 Aston Villa

Southampton v Manchester City
Man City proved a point against a clearly drunk Liverpool the other night but they have nothing to play for now in the league so maybe Southampton can knick something here. They won’t but they might. Danny Ings against whoever City pick at CB? Hmmm

Prediction: Southampton 2-4 Man City

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