steady old arsenal


Crystal Palace v Chelsea
So this one might be tricky for Chelsea right? I mean probably not but they did lose to West Ham! Palace haven’t been great since the return but…no wait, I forgot about my rules. I’m going to try to jinx Chelsea!

Prediction: Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

Watford v Norwich
I got very upset watching Norwich against Brighton at the weekend because it didn’t seem like Norwich were aware that they were going to be relegated. I mean I know everyone knows this already but still, where’s the fight lads? Watford have been rubbish too and they may as well accept relegation if they lose this

Prediction: Watford 2-0 Norwich

Arsenal v Leicester
Arsenal are sneaky under Arteta. If they go in front in this I’d imagine they win this but Leicester have looked better in their last two matches so this one could go either way. Leicester haven’t been great in the big games this season even though they did beat Arsenal earlier in the season but do they have the shtones for the Champions League fight?

Prediction: Arsenal 1-1 Leicester

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