Sunset at the Showgrounds

Game 1

Sligo Rovers 1-1 Dundalk

A little while ago I mentioned to my wife that I would like to start writing each week about whatever Dundalk FC matches had happened. Give my thoughts on them, air my opinions, essentially scream into a digital void, and she thought it was a great idea. The one worry I had was what happens if there’s been a completely uneventful match where there’s nothing to talk about? What will I write about then? Let’s find out together shall we?

The most notable thing I can think of from the match, aside from hoping that the lack of pre-season games is actually the reason behind a mildly worrying lack of spark and creativity, was getting the opportunity to watch the match live on Sligo Rovers Fan TV.

Obviously I’m referring to watching the match with proud Sligo man Alan Cawley on co-commentary. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Alan Cawley and he was very fair throughout the match but every once in a while the veil would slip and there would be an audible disappointment when Sligo missed a chance.

I should say that, in spite of what I just said, I don’t usually mind a commentator with a bit of bias. I don’t mind Gary Neville commentating on Man Utd games or Carragher on Liverpool games. Case in point, the greatest co-commentary performance of all time is, and always will be, Bobby Henan commentating on Ric Flair winning the Royal Rumble. Speaking of Ric Flair…

If this signing comes to pass and this player does anything of note at all, I would like to suggest that every single time he gets possession of the ball, the entire population of Oriel Park should Wooooo in unison. Hell, get him to walk out on to the pitch to Ric Flair’s music and get him a magnificent robe!

A quick note just to say that Seamus Coleman, who obviously played for Sligo, is a saint and should be held aloft as an example to…well I was going to say young players but he should be an example to all football players. He is an excellent captain. We should be beyond proud to have him lead our national team out on the field.

And that leads us to Ireland. The National Team. Come on Ireland

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