Minute By Minute

Game 8

Waterford 0-3 Dundalk

It’s a short game week so I thought I’d attempt a minute by minute update of Friday’s match.The below is what I wrote down in real time as I was watching the game

  1. Kick off – I’ve had some wine, lets give this a go…

2. Ger Canning has gone for the George Hamilton pronunciation of debut. “Dayboo”

3. Is Fats injured? No…Handball

4. Great advertising boards of the League of Ireland- Flipz Pretzels next to Clem Jacob Hire.

5. Of all the players in world football to pull a corner back to on the edge of the box, Chris Shields is pretty far down the list

7. We’re all over them

10. Ger Canning pearls of wisdom – “Well it counts as a shot”

13. Darren Meanan was deadly at corners.

14. This handball blindness is getting out of hand. “It looks like a handball again”

17. That’s 4 handballs – zero free kicks or penalties.

19. Waterford’s first chance. Nerves return.

20. Someone rescue Sobowale from Waterford.

22. Terrible shot from Fats

23. Description of Waterfords performance from co-commentator “The honesty is unbelievable”.

24. GOAL Boyle with the header from a corner.

26. The boys look MASSIVE next to the Waterford boys

27. Midskogen…hmmm

30. Injury to McMillan…fuck…let’s go Junior

31. The clock is gone. I can’t do a minute by minute without the clock. Nice one WatchLoI

??. Feed has gone again. Waterford almost scored apparently.

38. The clock is back.

40. Midskogen.

41. Junior dives for a penalty

42. Why is Shieldsy taking it? GOAL. Doesn’t matter he scored.

45. HT Comfortable.

First half highlight, Ger Canning. Ger is a pretty unique commentator, no one else would repeatedly say to “hoof” a cross in or to play that one “crisply out there”. National treasure.

2nd half

45. GOAL. Duffy. Excellent.

48. Classic Sheilds, terrible pass, excellent block.

49. Should be 4-0.

51. I’ve poured myself a whiskey.

52. Can’t hear the name James Waite without thinking of James Wade.

54. “Martin off the butt of the post”

57. James Wade looks a decent player.

58. Raivis loves a card.

60. Junior should have scored I think.

62. Ger Canning brilliance – “trying to keep the ball in and succeeding…until he and the ball run out of play”

65. Zahibo loves a card.

66. Expected goals would be having a field day with this.

67. Jesus Mary and Joseph and the wee Donkey

72. Zahibo will get sent off against someone soon

74. Almost 4-0 also very sloppy at the back in the 2nd half.

77. Still waiting for Fats to properly put his foot through a ball.

78. Just saw the Rovers goal. Blessed.

78. Ger Canning’s true colours emerge as he finally calls someone a cornerback

80. Dummigan looks in a fair bit of pain there.

83. Not gonna lie. I’m on Twitter.

86. Ger Canning with a Line of Duty reference in a big spot!

87. Followed it up with a Jim’ll Fix it reference though.

90. FT. Easy win.

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