No Dickie/Fats No Party

Game 12

Dundalk 2-1 Shamrock Rovers

Let me start by apologising to my neighbours. We’ve lived in this house for a little over 6 months at this stage and they’ve more than likely heard me singing The Weekend or Tom Jones wildly out of tune at unsociable hours. The afternoon I spent about three hours trying to drill a hole in the wall can’t have been easy on them. We had a carpenter sawing through laminate flooring outside our house until very late at night one time. All of which pale in comparison, on a decibel level, to the noise I made when Daniel Kelly smashed in Dundalk’s 2nd on Friday night.

Because of the quick turn around in games and the on-going circus that is Dundalk FC at the moment there is barely any time to savour breaking Rovers unbeaten streak.

Maybe that’s for the best? Maybe if we are to build on that result the best thing we can do is to keep going and not dwell on what happened on Friday. So I only have time for a few quick thoughts on what happened.

It can be dangerous to agree to appear on a live podcast when you have had quite a few glasses of wine.

Is Alan Mannus having trouble communicating from his brain to his legs?

Seeing stories that Chris Shields could leave in July definitely put things right back into perspective.

Happy to see the protest pass without any major incident, there was one or two issues that were always going to be inevitable when this type of thing happens but they made their point, they got plenty of coverage and they may have somehow contributed to a win!

No fats no party.

Who doesn’t love Phil Mickelson?

Gary Rogers really did not like the pitch at Oriel.

Dickie was excellent, maybe this game can properly kick start his season and he can become a really important player for us.

Vito from the Sopranos is a legend.

via @Irishfy_

7.45 on a Friday night is the perfect time for a football match. I hope it’s a really long time until we have another of those god awful 5.45 kick offs…*checks Monday’s kick off time…

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