Fucked Capacitor

Game 15

Dundalk 1-3 Waterford

I honestly have started writing this 4 different times and had to stop. 4 different days.

Saturday: So fresh off the game and fresh off discussing it with the lads on The Town End podcast I thought, get all of this out now. It’s fresh, it’s primed, it’s ready to go. I started formulating my thoughts, I went for a walk in the town and tried to figure out what I wanted to write about.

Then the horrifying incident with Christian Eriksen made me and I would assume everyone watching feel that none of this football stuff is important. I thought, instead of writing about how the circus is on fire at Oriel, I would focus on my love and respect for the Danish players and staff who surrounded Eriksen and the players who comforted his partner on the touchline.

I was reminded of the time when Seamus Coleman suffered an absolutely horrific leg break for Ireland against Wales and Shane Long’s attempts to console him and keep him calm. There are moments in team sports when the good shine through and you are reminded just how much these players are brothers, friends and team mates.

I have absolutely no idea how any of those Danish players went back out to play the rest of that game and although we have been in direct competition with Denmark at almost every turn for the last few years I will 100% be a Denmark fan when they play again.

Sunday: The plan was to write about Eriksen and the Danish players on Sunday. Then I saw the Chris Shields story. This was something that had been rumoured for a while, that he was going to go play up north for Linfield, but on Sunday morning it seemed to be official. The captain is abandoning the ship. And the owners of the ship are fine with it because they don’t plan on owning the ship for much longer.

Then as much as I tried to not think about ramshackle circus of doom at Oriel, it was all I could think of. I scrolled through Twitter all day reading just how pissed of Dundalk fans are and the very fact that there are so many directions that their anger can be pointed, with vindication, is staggering. I tried but couldn’t figure out what to write so I decided I’d wait till Monday.

Monday: So Monday became about who was finally going to be appointed as manager. We have somehow, someway, narrowed it down to two candidates (three if you count Jimmy Mag) Dave Rogers and Vinny Perth. And depending on what time of the day you were online or whether you got your news locally or nationally, both men were to be given the job and were on the verge of taking over.

If the chaos of the managerial appointment or non appointment was designed to distract us all from the Shields news and the abysmal display on Friday night it worked. It wasn’t designed to do that though, they’re definitely not smart enough for that. The only thing it did was highlight that the club is in complete and total disarray. Anger levels are sky rocketing among fans. There is a severe divide among fans about whether they want Perth back or they want Rogers.

When your managerial appointment process is a national joke and you’re getting messages left right and center about how much of a shit show it is? It’s not good is it?

Tuesday: I won’t lie, I was too tired to write this yesterday. Another day scrolling through twitter waiting for good news that I know I’m not going to get. Waiting for some sign of hope that I’m not going to get. The European draw happened but how can we look forward to that when we have what is now a relegation battle with Longford on Friday night?

Wednesday: Here we are. Still no manager. Still no communication from Peak6. Still nothing to be positive about. The latest news/rumour is that it will in fact be Vinny Perth who comes back. Bill is going to fire up the Delorean and go back in time in a last ditch attempt to bring some joy back to Oriel. They say you should never go back. What’s the worst that could happen?

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