Here We Are

Game 22

Derry City 1-0 Dundalk

So here we are.

The European run is over. We’re at what is supposed to be the business end of the season but the business this season looks like being avoiding getting sucked into a relegation quagmire.

Sunday’s performance wasn’t good but it’s very hard to blame anyone for the performance off the back of the efforts against Vitesse on the Thursday previous.

The best incarnations of this team have been able to get results in between and after European results but this squad, for whatever reasons, hasn’t been good enough to do that. A couple of good results in our next few games should see us move up the table or at least mathematically distance ourselves from those behind us.

As many have said, if we bring the same level of performance into Friday night’s game with Drogheda as we did in those European games we should be fine. If we have the same energy and luck that we had against Derry? We could be in some trouble.

We’re at a very delicate time and position in the season. Hopefully we can get a result in the Louth derby and we can get on a decent run of form from now until the end of the season.

Whatever happens after that is anyone’s guess.

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