The Dundalk FC 2021 Playlist

Game 25

Longford 1-0 Dundalk

I don’t think I can write about this. I’m tired, I’m fed up, I’m repeating myself so I’m going to do something different. Presenting the unofficial playlist of Dundalk FC’s 2021 season so far…

Let me just run through some of these. Most of the songs on the playlist are pretty self-explanatory. The classic Tom Petty ‘Free Fallin’ because we are in fact free falling. ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong?’ Noel Gallagher asks, the million dollar question.

We have ‘All By Myself’ for Andy Boyle being the only major first team player under contract for next season. ‘It’s A Motherfucker’ because it has for the most part been a motherfucker of a season so far. Inspired by my appearances on the Town End Podcast we have ‘I Am The Man Of Constant Sorrow’.

What have I missed? What else deserves to be on the Dundalk FC 2021 Playlist of the season?

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