See No Evil

Game 14

UCD 2-2 Dundalk

I did not see this game. I was at a gig. The one good thing I’ll say about COVID-19? Never, ever missed a match.

That’s a few this season that I’ve missed for one social event or another. There’s another social event on the calendar this coming Friday which means I won’t get to Oriel.

The social event is my wife’s birthday. I’m not overly happy with the fact that at least three people have said to her “ah would you not just let him go to the game?”. I’m not one of the three by the way. A taxi driver said it to her. He said it to her because I was mockingly making a huff about missing next weeks game. So I guess that one is on me.

Her dad said it to her. I’m delighted with that one.

Only delighted that he thought about me enough to tell his daughter that she shouldn’t go for a meal on her birthday because I would miss a game. Not delighted with the idea that I would be ok with it and just shoot off to the game while leaving my wife alone on her birthday.

Is that what people think of me? Am I just some whiskey swilling, football fanatic who would ditch his wife at the drop of a hat, regardless of whether it was her birthday or not just to watch a game of football? I don’t know where you would have gotten that idea from. You’re absolutely wrong.

Having said that, it does make complete sense.

Football has bumped into quite a lot of social events over the years. I left my college graduation ceremony early because Dundalk were playing away to Zenit St Petersburg. Day two of my wedding was shaped around an FA Cup semi final and involved friends of mine providing a TV, an aerial, internet and speakers just so I didn’t miss Man Utd v Spurs.

I feel like I’ve evolved as a person over the years. There was a time I would do just about anything to watch a match that I wanted to watch.

One time, while in a previous relationship, I was visiting a then girlfriend and I could tell there was an argument coming. You know when the mood clouds start to darken and you know you’re a misplaced word away from a big, soul destroying, plate flying, industrial sized argument? Well those clouds were forming fast and it was around 7 in the evening.

Seven in the evening when Man Utd were playing Celtic in the Champions League at 7.45. If my nephologic knowledge was correct, if I timed it just right, I knew the right word at the right time would ignite the argument just in time for a storm off before the actual kick off.

Nailed it. The bell rang and it was pretty tough going but I knew I only had to suffer a few minutes of it and then I could suggest that I go get some air and have some time to myself to clear my head.

Off to the pub. Her dad was actually there already and chatted and watched the match with me. I didn’t plan that part though.

Nephology is the study of clouds by the way. I didn’t know that before looking it up. I wanted to look clever while also making myself look like a disgrace.

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