Blade Runners, Reboots and Remakes

There are certain words I’ve come to loath when scrolling through movie news pages. Reboot. Remake. Reimagining… basically anything beginning with ‘re’. There is almost nothing as depressing as seeing the words “Paramount Pictures announce plans to remake Ben Hur“… That really actually happened. They really and truly remade Ben Hur. Did you know that? […]

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Untitled Donal Hanks Blog post

The year was 2001. I was in fifth year of secondary school. 16 years old. By that time I had given up on my dreams of becoming a professional football player. I was also never going to be bitten by a radioactive spider and become a friendly neighbourhood superhero. All I cared about when I […]

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Green Day

When I was in my teens, in my dark teenage days and even the dark days that followed into my 20s they were there for me, they helped me. They screamed and shouted and raged and broke guitars for me.

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