One More For The Good Guys

Game 8

Dundalk 2-0 UCD

It felt like a very long time since we were in Oriel and it feels like quite a lot had happened since our last visit. A lot of it not great. I’ve also forgotten how to write which is problematic when you’ve committed yourself to a weekly blog.

At the start of the year it was clear that this season would be about taking stock. Clearing the decks from last season and the last regime and building on a more solid and sustainable foundation.

In situations like those arising from the Louth Derby the club, the players and the fans have had opportunities to show what’s important to them and what they want to be known as.

In the aftermath, all three parts of the football club showed their best side. It’s easy to root for this team.

Friday night brings a completely different animal though. Back to Inchicore, into the crying lion’s den.

It’s up to us to keep our heads up, keep our chin up, rise above the noise, the vitriol that will inevitably arrive along with the Dundalk team bus.

The crowd will play a huge part on Friday and it’s going to be a massive challenge for youngers lads in the team, the welsh contingent in particular who may not have played in such a pressure cooker before.

I’m worried. Not by what will happen on the pitch but in the stands. Live on RTE as well.

This team is very easy to like.

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