To Draw Or Not To Draw

Game 9

St Pats 0-0 Dundalk

If you look up ‘Draw’ in the dictionary, do you know what you would see? A lot of different definitions of the word ‘Draw’. There are a lot. Honestly so many more than I thought there would be.

We have become ‘Draw Specialists’ this season. Two wins, one defeat (although, I didn’t see it so I can’t ever be 100% certain that it actually happened) and the rest are draws. Not great, not terrible, just right in the middle.

If you’re a glass is half full kind of person then we’re in a good position. We’ve faired well against the top teams in the league and Rovers. We’ve not been over run by any of them and we could just as easily picked up a couple of wins in those games.

If you’re a glass is half empty type of person, stop what you’re doing. Put whatever device you’re reading this on down and find something positive in your life to focus on for a minute and then come back to me. Go on, I’ll wait.

Good stuff. So look. there are areas that the team can improve, there’s no doubting that and I won’t argue with that but for a squad of players who have only been together a couple of months and a management team who missed most of preseason and a head office staff who may as well have walked into Oriel on their first day in fire fighters outfits because the raging fire they had to put out? Not bad lads.

One round of games done. A few more wins in the next round and we’ll see where we’re at.

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