Controversy Featuring Gilbert O’Sullivan

Game 10 & 11

Dundalk 2-1 Sligo

Shamrock Rovers 1-0 Dundalk

So let’s get this out of the way first, I did not see Friday night’s game. Don’t you hate it when social engagements get in the way of football?

I did see Monday night’s game with them in Tallaght and you can check out the Town End Podcast for my immediate reaction to the game. There was a lot of attention and post match conversation about the team selection but I promised myself that I wouldn’t make a song and dance about controversies this season.

We all would have liked to have a full strength team take on the others but having lost Robbie Benson to a hamstring injury and the games coming thick and fast the decision was made to change things up.

It very nearly worked as well! Comfortable for most of the match and we had our own couple of chances to begin the game. We lost and it stings but there are plenty more battles to be fought down the road.

Oh and I literally did make a song and dance about this. Well no dance but I did rewrite Matrimony by Gilbert O’Sullivan. Any Gilbert O’Sullivan heads out there?

“I don’t mean to worry you lads but have you seen the team?

Hoban’s on the bench I think Kelly is the nine.

I don’t think that Davy Mac will be very pleased

When he’s sitting on the bench with two freezing knees.

We’re facing Rovers for the 2nd time, a difficult match

Something that begins at seven and ends in defeat

Wasn’t a complete disaster, why didn’t Hoban start

What could it be? It’s controversy.

I know we dreamed about winning at this ground

But think of the energy we’ll save and you’ll see it’s worthwhile

It won’t please the shed side boys but they don’t even know

How all of the lads hamstrings are just about ready to blow

Friday night against Shelbourne is all that matters, disregard the rest

Trust Stevie o Donnell and the team they know what is best

Very shortly now we’ll get a reaction from the team and if they lose?

It’s controversy ”

I’m fine before you ask.

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